Retirement Security: A Women’s Issue

Women face unique challenges in managing their retirement spending. Women tend to live longer than men and most financial advisors aren’t experienced in preparing women for the specific goals and concerns they often have.

Women & Retirement

If you’re like many of the women we talk to, you’re probably optimistic about retirement generally, except when you start thinking about your finances. Women live longer than men on average and place more value on certainty.

So, naturally, women tend to be more concerned about the prospect of outliving their savings. At Abaris, we’re on a mission to change how you prepare for retirement. The average American woman who is about to retire will live to be 89 years old. That’s two years longer than men. And over 40% will live to be 90 or older.

Take Susan. She's 65 and planning to retire. Here's what she can spend assuming she wants her money to last until 85 or 90.

In order to protect herself, Susan will have to spend 20% less per year. Sounds painful. Is there anything else you or Susan can do?


You can turn some of your savings into a paycheck for life using a QLAC and get more peace of mind along the way.

Susan alone

Susan with Abaris

*Gray/Blue bar: Self-Directed Spending, Orange bar: Longevity Annuity

Are you ready for a whole new kind of retirement income planning experience? One that’s more catered specifically to you?

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