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As you’re making your retirement plan, use us to get a second opinion, as a fact checker, or simply as a source for educational content. Think of us as your retirement planning guide.

Retirement spending tool

Managing Your Spending In Retirement

One of the things we believe at Abaris is that too little of retirement planning focuses on the decumulation of assets. That’s the period when you’ve stopped working, and have started to spend the money you worked hard to save and invest.

Properly managing the retirement spend down phase is complicated and it’s a difficult process to manage on your own. Want to do it smarter? You can start by using our retirement spending tool to get a sense of what your future expenses are likely to be and how much of these expenses are covered from Social Security, a pension, or an existing annuity.

How Can You Create A Worry-Free Retirement Income Plan

It used to be conventional wisdom that the older you are, the more money you should have in fixed income assets, like bonds. And as long as you didn’t spend more than 4% of your assets every year, you’d be all set. But in today’s low-interest rate environment, bonds may not generate enough income and the 4% withdrawal rate might not be safe enough.

Income annuities are a way to get more income. And it’s income that’s guaranteed for your lifetime. That’s an important promise that the insurance company makes to you because longevity is increasing and life spans can be hard to predict. But income annuities are not for everyone, and they’re never right for your entire portfolio. Check out our guide on retirement and your money and use our advice tool to start heading down the path to a secure retirement.

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