Longevity And Your Retirement

Increasing longevity isn’t something to fret about, even if it means preparing financially for retirement is more important than ever. Learn about how to prepare to enjoy a long and healthy retirement.

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Improving Quality Of Life Is Leading To Longer Lifespans

We know more than ever about how to have longer and healthier retirements. Advances in science, medicine and technology are improving our quality of life and slowing the aging process. This is an exciting development, but it also means that you need to make better financial preparations. Our eBook walks through some of these exciting developments and what they mean for your retirement preparedness.

What Can You Do To Prepare For A Longer Life?

Getting informed is a good first step, but it shouldn’t stop there. Use our retirement spending calculator to determine if you have a gap between what you’ll be spending in retirement and what guaranteed sources of income you have coming in. If, by using our longevity calculator, you find out your life expectancy is above average and you have a retirement spending gap, it might make sense for you to consider a deferred income annuity. Our advice tool can help you determine if you might be a good fit for this simple and powerful financial product that helps you budget more effectively and ensures you don’t outlive your retirement savings.

Ready to get your personal finances in order in preparation for a long and worry-free retirement?

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