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  • What the advances in science, medicine and technology that are helping us live longer mean for you
  • Summaries of leading academic research on ways to combat aging and live a healthier life
  • Information about Social Security and your retirement accounts that your Financial Advisor might not be telling you about
  • The pros and cons of different financial products specifically made for long lives

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What Our Customers Are Saying

The Abaris guide was a wonderful overview of how my longevity could impact my retirement finances. I will be retiring in the next five years and the guide gave me insight into how my health could impact my future cost of retirement and what tools I have available to prepare. I would highly recommend this guide to anyone that is preparing for or in retirement and unsure of how to do next or wants a second opinion.

Ram from Virginia

People are living longer. Social Security is under more strain than ever and I don't have a pension. I recommend people read this guide. It's plainly written and provides a good overview of how to handle the health and financial issues that we face.

Ken from Pennsylvania